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Intentional Yoga




Natural beauty products hand-made and with earthy essentials Reikied with love 



Through mat yoga, chair yoga or guided meditation, you can decompress and become your best and most productive self. Your session will include a "Daily Om" Reading which will be the theme of the class. Mini guided meditations and time for intention setting are sprinkled throughout  all yoga classes. 



Level-up your life with an hour of self-care while you enjoy an open-air view of the Empire State Building smack-dab at the center of our yoga platform. Whether you’ve never tried yoga or you can get your Crow Pose on better than the bird itself, our yoga classes are for you. Schedule

invigorating sessions for mind and body at the 230 Fifth Rooftop garden across from Madison Square Park for a rooftop yoga retreat you'll always remember. Get an awesome snapshot for your social media handles while connecting with nature as you join in with the greenery for Tree Pose. 



Learn how to build bridges of Mindfulness into your life by filtering small increments of simple exercises throughout your daily routine. This course can be tailored to the needs of the group with regard to facilitation. Generally,  some motivational speaking and structured activities including Pranayama breath work and body awareness activities are taught. Time for Q & A are essential here.  



Join our crew for guided meditation on a 40 foot sailboat out of Liberty Landing Marina, Jersey City. Let your senses be filled with the present moment as we take you through boasting views of NYC. 



Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

Administrated through laying or hovering the hands on the body. This technique is based on the 'unseen' energy that heals and enlightens the body.



Increase your energy level and enhance your mood with practical and gradual shifts in your diet. Learn through a reflective process, journaling and discussion.



My yoga practice began about 20 years ago. I was so drawn to Yoga and nature that I stopped going to the gym. I preferred to walk, rollerblade, or swim for exercise. 

At the age of 30, I married an attorney who worked for a big firm in NYC. His high-strung, nonstop career was stressful for both of us. During the process of our divorce, I continued to delve into my Yoga practice and what I call "swimming meditation".  I found myself being more present and focused in all aspects of my life although I was going through such a dramatic change. I began to see Yoga and meditation in a different light. I began to trust my inner guide and be my own guru. I learned that each of our paths is ours and ours only. Coming from an off-the-boat, old school Italian family, being fearlessly authentic was a challenge but also very freeing for my spirit.


Yoga and meditation became critical components of my self-care routine. I was able to navigate through my emotions in a healthier way that benefited everyone around me. Through this experience, I also learned that too often we lean-on or blame others. Self-reflection, and trusting our inner guide is what we really need to be able to transcend contrast in life. Yoga and meditation are self-awareness practices that help facilitate a clear focus of our unique truth and subsequently become more conscious decision-makers. 

In search of a challenge, I moved on to Bikram style Yoga. I practiced Bikram until I had my son. In order to maintain a full-time job and raise a newborn, I began to take Hot Vinyasa Flow classes and I did a lot of what I call "Walking with Stroller Meditation". 

As a classroom teacher, I had always incorporated Mindfulness within all aspects of my curriculum such as visualizing while brainstorming for writing or just simple 3-minute desk yoga practices. Often, my third-graders would go on the reading rug just to refresh with a few stretches and deep breaths and go back to their seats with a smile. 


Years later, I began teaching Yoga to our high school sports teams, special education students, and teachers. After teaching in an urban district for 20 years, I've witnessed a multitude of positive outcomes within children and adults. The most obvious two are learning to maintain emotional balance and better focus. I've learned that emotional balance can be achieved by connecting our body, breath, and awareness of the self. In light of the fact that I have seen positive change by incorporating my Yoga practice within our school community; I'm inspired to teach yoga in other capacities.

With mental illness being at an all-time high in the USA, self-care practices are necessary for our communities to thrive. Teaching the "whole child" and helping adults maintain a healthy work-life balance has become my passion. 


Corporate yoga is one avenue that can facilitate a more positive mindset with adults who interact with children. When both children and adults become aware of the importance of Mindfulness and self-love; it's a win-win for everyone. Productivity and positive self-awareness skyrockets for adults and children alike. 

I chose to complete my Yoga Teacher Training with 'Breathe for Change' because they offer a special course called S.E.L.F. (Social Emotional Learning Facilitation) which has equipped me with the skill-set to further incorporate mental wellness strategies coupled with mindful movement. Immediately following this training, I received my certificate to teach Trauma-Informed Yoga. I volunteered to teach for "Exhale to Inhale", a not-for-profit outreach program that provides the benefits of Yoga to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. I also build awareness for this cause when marketing for my rooftop yoga classes at 230 5th, NYC.

I am an advocate for living a conscientious lifestyle while building awareness of the self. I believe being mindful is vital to being successful in all aspects of life. Helping others become their best self is my pride in life along with my amazing little boy. I aim to build a better community of learners, educators, and the community at large. 



- Yin Yoga, Powerflow Yoga with Stacey Bell, 2019 

-Trauma-Informed Yoga, Exhale to Inhale, 2018

- Reiki Certified with Tara Tonini of Exhale to Inhale, NY– 2018 - 2019

- RYT 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program with a Specialization in Social Emotional Learning Facilitation, Breathe for Change, NYC – 2018

- Mindfulness Workshops, Montclair State University, NJ– 2018

- Sailing License, American Sailing Association, NJ – 2018 - Present 

- NJ Department of Education Mindfulness in the Classroom Workshops, 20 Hour PD, Zensational Kids, NJ – 2018

- Completed the Ayurvedic Art of Health Six-Day Seminar with Dr.  Vasant Lad, NY  –  2016

- Completed Pranayama 5-Day Seminar with Harish Bharadwaj of Inner Flame, NY  –  2016

- Masters in Urban Education with a Specialization in ESL & Supervisor's Cert., NJCU, NJ  –  2012

Work Experience

- Volunteer Instructor for the Edgewater Community, NJ 2020

- Sol Yoga Rooftop Retreat Event Planner & Yoga Instructor, NYC – 2018- Present

- Union City High School Yoga Instructor, NJ – 2017 - Present

- Volunteer Yoga Instructor for Survivors of Domestic Violence, Exhale to Inhale, NYC – 2018

- Volunteer Yoga Instructor for Northern Manhattan Improvement Employees, NYC  – 2018

- Lead Mindfulness and Yoga Workshops for parents 2012 – 2018, NJ

- Presenter to the Hudson County Consortium for the NJ Dept of Education Office of Technology – 2016

- Adjunct Professor, Introduction to Early Childhood Ed., Hudson Community College, NJ – 2016 - 2017

- Curriculum Developer, Union City, NJ – 2012 - 2017

- Volunteer Greeter at Hoboken Grace Church – 2012 - Present 

- Young Living Essential Oils Educator & Distributor, NJ – 2012- Present


Om for Kids

"Mindfulness and meditation exercises are helping the next generation get an edge in the classroom." -Time Magazine

Cool Facts & Stats


"The New Science of Health and Happiness" - Time Magazine Special Edition

The Art of Meditation

"Meditation has gone from fringe ritual to mainstream health move." - Jancee Dunn of Time Magazine

The Mind Body Rx

"Researchers found that regular yoga reduced stress, anxiety and depression while improving memory." - Mandy Oaklander of Time Magazine


New York, New Jersey, Tri-State Area providing on-site, corporate, one-on-one, wellness and yoga events


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